Monday, 4 April 2011

a love letter to my lovely daddy

Dear my super dad,

i love you, you're like the coolest dad ever. you're a damn good photographer, you love me, you make me see the world in different angle
i know how is your perspective of life, i know that you always see things from the negative side first, i know it's good but do you know that sometimes it can make me lose hope?
all these time, dad, all i want is just your trust. i study here to make you proud of me, i do things right, and when i say right, it is by your perspective
i hate to say this but now, im all grown up, i still need your lessons of how to live a life, but i need an understanding here dad, you have been super good and super supportive of what am i doing, but do you know that i cried when you make me feel down? when you make me feel guilty? i hate to feel guilty, dad and i dont like it when you put all the blame on me, well i know maybe im wrong and im sorry for that
i cant be a perfect daughter who can always get things done the way you want me to be, i make mistakes, im just human. and now im just trying to live my life normally
i have skipped many important things in life and i dont mind, i know it's for my own good, my own future
all i want to say is just I LOVE YOU, and it wont change since the day i was born until the day i die, and i will always be your little girl, i love to talk for hours with you, only with you i can share anything, and the best part is, you dont judge
i will always try to be like what you want me to be, but i have life, i need some space to grow, and what i need from you is just your understanding
i did cry dad, yeah i did. im still a little girl after all, this is all because all of them comes from you, from the one that i love, that's what makes me sad
all these times i dont know how proud you are for me, but that doesnt matter, it wont change my love for you, daddy
i want you to know that im here to make you and mommy proud, i totally understand every single of your considerations of you for my future, but i do hope that you can cut some slacks, give me a little bit space to grow. i am still daddy's little girl, and i love to be your little girl. i need your understanding dad
and i still love you, no matter how your words sometimes make me feel guilty and want to quit, make me want to give up trying to be the best. but i do hang on, i want you to kiss my forehead, say "im proud of you" and smile
I love you daddy, I do
you dont know how much i miss you here, i miss sharing all things with you in the car, i miss your silly jokes. i wish i can hug you everyday

Your little girl,
Seruni Puspita

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Singapore through my 18-200 Quantaray and alpha 300

Clicks from Singapore using my alpha 300, sorry if the pictures aren't good enough, well im the daughter okay, the photographer is my father hahahaha, enjoy !

Clarke Quay

Cavenagh Bridge

Sunset from Balcony of Teresa Ville

The famous Merlion

The flyer

Sunday, 19 September 2010

4 in the morning

I give you everything that I am
I'm handing over everything that I've got
'Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go and give you up

Stay up till four in the morning and the tears are pouring
And I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby, if we're gonna do it, come on do it right

All I wanted was to know I'm safe
Don't want to lose the love I've found
Remember when you said that you would change
Don't let me down

It's not fair how you are
I can't be complete, can you give me more?

i cant believe i still miss you, 20
give me my cheesecake and my watch
give me that time back

im screwed -___-

Someone wrote this like 2 months and 4 days ago
"its okay. im born as problem. btw, here is one of the poem i promised you. it sounds like mellowdramatic, but believe me, this is deep, and a little "soon";
i drink all night, and sleeps all day,
to kill the memories that we've left,
so i can only feel it when it comes to playing game.
i try my best just not to scream,
however i can't with this things between,
cause all my voice left along while you're not around.
now sleeping is hard to do,
and waking up almost impossible to,
i just wishing you were here.
i'm afraid to pray for you,
not because i broke my love to you,
but if all my prayers don't come true,
i'm afraid God will take my blame, and therefore make the distance between us harder to reach.
all i ask is not for you to be mine,
either to wear you a ring that you can show to your friends,
all i ask is for you to be here,
and be my lover, even in the times of impossible."


Leica Summicron

"The Summicron f/2.0 is a very interesting lens within the Leica optical line up. Many regard this lens, optically, as one of the best from Leica. I am not sure how others feel, but for me, lenses of the 50mm and the 35mm focal length are the two most practical focal length and optically, a strong reason of why a Leica rangefinder system is chosen to invest into."

so, yes. Leica lenses are damn sharp and good, that's why my father spent 3,6million to buy it from the moderator of though the physical condition is not too good. the optical is still good :D, so now, he's not obsessed with Carl Zeiss anymore, he's currently obsessed to LEICA and im sure he is now saving for another leica lenses that he doesn't have yet, like El Marit one :D

Me and ma? just smiling and say that's okay because i can get good photos from it. The dimensions are sharp and it's manual, since it's manual and my father's camera is a full frame one, i must say it's a kind of sports for him trying to focus for an object LOL

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Visit Banten !

So, i went to Banten with my family, well the beach is called Pantai Bagedur and it's very FANTASTIC. the moment i got there, there were no one except my family, and the infrastructure are sooooo bad, no wonder, to reach there, i should go to 5-hours bumpy ride, the road is in very bad condition, so my beloved Ratu Atut, please bring forward Banten's tourist interest, the beach is so exotic, it can bring many tourist and will give the local people work, many people can invest for lodging and tour travel, thankyou :)

Fish eye for dslr, black and white effect

playing by the beach

sunrise at berkah resort, actually we were searching for the ray of light, but we've lost it, thank God still got fantastic shoot

green green field along the way, good eye, fantastic photo's layout

smashed by the wave, loveit

sunset at Carita beach, Banten

Thursday, 20 May 2010

haaaaiii ;)

haiii long time no write, eh? it's not because i'm running out of photos, noo. My super daddy and i have a lot of cool photos to share but unfortunately i'm in the exam period now. i'm taking Cambridge As Level since i'm in international class. Pray for me guys :) math, chemistry, biology and physics are my common interest (?)
beside that, i don't know what happened to my internet modem at home i can't use it. Gaaah
i can't meet my boyfriend for some period of time but it's alright :) pray for him also !!!
so, wait for another amazing photos from my super daddy. that will include photos in Surabaya, Anyer and Puncak of my short holidays :)
fyi: i got my second vaccine. this time it was on my left hand ;)